Superbreakfast: What to Eat for Breakfast for an Energized Day Ahead!

Want to know what to eat for breakfast so you’ll have more energy to last you through the day? Read on!

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Okay, so we know that eating breakfast is a healthy habit. Now the next complication arises – what in the world do we eat for breakfast?! The answer….probably won’t surprise you, because it’s balance. I know, I know – balance again. But it’s true! Let’s break it down, food group by food group.


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This is the #1 nutrient that’s often missing in typical Asian breakfasts. Think back on your childhood breakfasts of toast spread with butter, or pieces of (very sweet) kuih, or even a bowl of noodles with some measly strips of meat (if any). All very low-protein options!

This is unfortunate, as including protein during breakfast keeps you full and stabilizes your blood sugar levels early in the day. Common protein breakfast foods are eggs, dairy products, nuts and nut butters, and superfoods like chia seeds or flax seeds.


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If you tend to eat out for even one meal a day, it can be difficult to meet your daily fiber needs. Breakfast is a great opportunity to top up on fiber via whole grains (especially oats), fruits, and nuts and seeds!

The best part is, the fiber that you get from these typically ‘breakfast’ foods is soluble fiber, which is especially good for heart health. The other kind of fiber, insoluble fiber, is easier to get from vegetables and other grains through the rest of the day.

Healthy Fat

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If you find your stomach growling before lunchtime, it may be time to add some healthy fat into your breakfast. Fat in general takes longer to digest, keeping you full and satisfied for longer. Plus, if you make it a point to take in healthy fats, it’s good for your heart too! Win-win.

Healthy fats can be found in nuts and nut butters, seeds, avocado, olive oil, and oily fish like tuna and salmon. All delicious options for breakfast! But of course, fat (even the healthy kind) is still high in calories, so don’t go overboard – pick one of the healthy fat options at a time!

Complex Carbohydrates

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After fasting all night (hopefully no midnight snacking was involved), your body needs a source of fuel. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grain cereals, bread, and quinoa, or even starchy vegetables like sweet potato, pumpkin, or corn are great for providing sustained energy to last you through the day.

Putting it all together…

So here’s what to eat for breakfast:

Whole grain cereal (e.g. granola) with dairy or soy milk, topped with slices of fresh fruit and a spoonful of flax seeds.

Whole grain toast with light tuna and cucumber slices, and a piece of fruit on the side.

Scrambled eggs with avocado over quinoa.

A parfait of granola, yogurt, fresh fruit, and chia seeds.

The list is endless! And most of these can be prepared in under 5 minutes. So now you know what to eat for breakfast…go make your own superbreakfast today!

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April 17, 2017

How to Deal with Sugar Cravings..No Detox Needed!

Want to know how to deal with sugar cravings without going on a major sugar detox? Read on!

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It’s after lunch, and that itch has begun. Images pop into your mind – a gooey chocolate bar, a spoonful of melty ice cream, a refreshing sip of cold soda.

Your body wants sugar, and it wants sugar NOW.

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What do you do when this happens to you? Here’s how to deal with sugar cravings – and scratch that sugar itch once and for all!

Eat a good breakfast

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Research has shown that skipping breakfast can lead to energy crashes, cravings, and overeating later in the day. So start the day right with a good balance of complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fat! Besides, you’ll get to enjoy all the additional benefits of eating breakfast!

Don’t think of any food as ‘forbidden’

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Ever told a child they’re NOT allowed to touch something? Instantly, it becomes the only thing they want to touch! As much as we would like to believe we grow out of this tendency…we don’t. So, try to retrain yourself to think of all foods as ALLOWED (even if it’s only in small amounts)!

Go for the next best thing

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Try looking for healthy foods that hit the same flavours as the ones you crave. Craving strawberry ice cream? Try blending a frozen banana with a tub of low fat strawberry yogurt instead. Or, just pick up some decadent Hazelnut Blackforest Granola for that chocolatey fix!

Indulge, but in small portions

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Once in a while, go ahead and just enjoy the foods you crave! But, be sure to portion a serving out before you eat to avoid overdoing it. A good strategy is to eat the food together with healthier options, so it feels like you’re eating lots! For example, mix some dark chocolate chips with almonds to crunch on, or top a scoop of ice cream with lots of fresh fruit and nuts.

Bonus – the additional protein, fiber, and healthy fat from the healthy food will help to prevent a sugar rush (and eventual crash)!

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April 06, 2017

Fun Nut Butter Video Recipe: Cute Animal Toasts!

Imagine waking up in the morning and dragging yourself out of bed for breakfast. You then encounter some cute animal toasts smiling up at you. Instant happiness! We’ve used our all natural, stone ground nut butters to create these cute animal toasts. Fun for everyone of all ages!

Toast with Chocolate Coconut Hazelnut Butter, banana slices, and blueberries in the form of a cute bear face

Watch the video to see how you can create your very own cute animal toasts in minutes!

What goes into these cute animal toasts?

For our Big Mama Owl toast, we used our Vanilla Cinnamon Almond butter to add a slightly sweet, fragrant touch to regular wholemeal bread. We used fresh banana slices and blueberries for the eyes, and strawberry slices for the feet!

The Brother Bear toast uses our Chocolate Coconut Hazelnut Butter as a decadent chocolatey base. Fresh banana slices and blueberries then make up the little bear’s facial features!

Switch things up with some earthy ABC butter as a base for the cute Finding Nemo toast! We used a banana slice and a blueberry for Nemo’s eye, and an abundance of strawberry slices to make his scales!

For a purrr-fect morning, you can try the Puss In Boots toast, which uses our thick, fragrant cashew butter to make a cute face. We then add strawberry slices for pointy ears and a nose, blueberries for eyes, and strips of apple peel for the whiskers!

Try making your own cute animal toast today for a fun breakfast! The best part? They pack plenty of great nutrition into an adorable package!

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April 04, 2017