Amazin’ Snacks Of Southeast Asia

Amazin’ Gift Sets Of Southeast Asia


Go on a flavourful journey through Southeast Asia with every bite of our new limited edition range of healthy snacks!

Featuring ingredients embedded into tropical Asia’s rich history, our Flavours of Southeast Asia range shines the spotlight on each age-old ingredient like never before.

Let your tastebuds visit Thailand with the fragrance of pandan. Explore Brunei in the alluring scent of rose. Taste Indonesia in every bite of rendang (a rich gravy made from coconut and mixed spices). Experience the heritage of Malaysia in the flavours of gula melaka (coconut blossom) and pulut hitam (a traditional dessert of black glutinous rice).

And, to keep things interesting, your journey will be made through products that are modern, unexpected, and yes – healthy!

So, buckle up and join us in this Amazin’ journey through Southeast Asia!

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